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When to See a sports Physio

Sports Physiotherapists are highly trained Physiotherapists with extra qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy. Working in Sport requires incredibly detailed knowledge in specific Sports physical requirements, mechanisms of injuries, return to sport protocols, performance testing and asymmetry guidelines. Returning athletes back to sport can be complex with many factors surrounding a safe return post-injury.

Sports Physiotherapy in Stafford helps injured athletes return to sport. Resistance Sports Science is home to Megan Hunter, Sports Physiotherapists for the Brisbane North Cougars Netball and Yeronga Devils AFC. A Sports Physiotherapist is an athletes go to for sports injury rehab,
RSS Sports Physiotherapist Megan Hunter

The goal of a Sports Physiotherapist is to return athletes back to sport in a timely but safe manner with minimal risk of re-injury. Athletes under a Sports Physiotherapists guidance will participate in an extensive return to sports performance testing battery. This measures asymmetry between injured and non-affected limbs to compare strength differences and identify potential risk factors. For e.g. an athlete returning from a hamstring strain will be

required to test their Nordic Hamstring strength, hop tests, 20m sprints, change of direction drills and specific hamstring tests including isometric bridges and flexion and extensions comparisons. If the Sports Physiotherapist is happy with the results and the athlete shows no signs of hesitation, reluctance or pain, the Athlete will be given the all-clear to commence field training.

A Sports Physiotherapist is extremely hands-on with post-sporting injuries requiring surgical operations. Working alongside Allied Health Physicians including Sports Doctors, General Practitioners, Exercise Physiologists and Sports Scientists, a Sports Physiotherapist will lead the Rehab protocol in the early stages of Rehab for the majority of injuries. This will require releasing, massage, dry needles, manipulations and stretching in order to improve range of motion, decrease swelling around the affected site and decrease sensations of pain, numbness and tingling.

A Sports Physiotherapist has extensive knowledge in exercise rehab. Using their advanced knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Exercise prescription, the Sports Physiotherapists at Resistance Sports Science will tailor an early-stage rehab program specific to the injured athlete. Upon an initial consultation, your nominated Sports Physiotherapist will be able to design an exercise home plan that can be performed with minimal equipment. Your plan will be loaded gradually through reps or weight increases to ensure maximal muscle adaptation.

If you are an injured athlete or an athlete looking to prevent sports injuries, a Sports Physiotherapist may be the perfect Allied Health practitioner for you. To book a consultation with an RSS Sports Physiotherapist, head to our website and book your initial consultation today or if you would like to book a complimentary phone call with an RSS staff member, click here to discuss your options!


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