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The Team Behind Resistance Sports Science. Who are we and who have we worked with!

Resistance Sports Science has developed a niche gym that caters specifically for Athletes to develop stronger foundations and build better performing athletes. Resistance prides themselves in developing youth and professional athletes from all different fields including AFL, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Combat Sports. Resistance Coaches and Allied Health team have worked with elite teams such as the Brisbane Lions, Queensland Reds, Cricket Australia, Queensland Bulls and the Brisbane Roar. They have also worked with semi professional - amateur teams/organisations from Rowing Australia, Mayne Tigers, Kedron Lions, Wests District Cricket Club and The Western Magpies AFL Club.

Resistance Sports Science Athlete Specific Gym North Brisbane Enoggera

Resistance Sports Science is Brisbane sports injury specialists that focus on development and return to sport rehab for amateur - professional athletes. RSS is the perfect gym for sports teams to develop and learn skills to achieve their fitness goals. The gym is equipped with university qualified experts in exercise, fitness and health and has become an educational pathway for aspiring Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists. All of our coaches and practitioners have a love for sport and their resumes are something worth boasting! Here is an introduction of our team!

Chris Mallac

Chris is the definition of professionalism and expertise in elite sport. Chris has worked with some of Australia's top sporting organisations including the Brisbane Lions, QLD Reds and more recently he worked as the high performance manager of the Brisbane Roar. He has travelled internationally for work and now calls RSS home where he treats some of our most complex issues.

Daniel Robson-Petch is the co-owner and founder of RSS. His work is primarily in AFL, education and ACL return to play. He has worked as the Western magpies and North Cougars High Performance manager after learning from the Gold Coast Suns. He has a masters in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) and his passion is returning athletes back to sport in minimal time.

Jasmine Tripp

RSS have been extremely invested in Netball in 2020, hosting the Developing Youth Netball Academy organised and run by the leading strength and conditioning coach for North Brisbane Cougars, Jasmine Tripp. The academy was developed to provide opportunity for todays youth to build strength, speed and agility in order to advance their netball careers. Jasmine has a wealth of knowledge in developing junior and youth athletes, particularly women, to build better foundations for their chosen sport to set them up for a professional career. RSS works hard to assist each other and the teams they work with to ensure strong communication and success of the organisations they work with. During the Cougars coaching sessions with Jasmine, Megan Hunter was the head Physio for Cougars throughout 2020 and together they walked away with the Sapphire series Netball 2020 Championship.

Rebecca Kelly is one of our elite coaches who specialises in physical preparation for cricket and youth athletes. Her range of skills has been demonstrated via her work as the Physical Performance Cooridnanter of the Queensland Bulls as well as the Director of Athletic Performance at Saint Aidens. Her skills are extremely flexible and allow for her engagement and knowledge to be shared with a wide range of sports.

Krista Fletcher is our Remedial superstar. Krista has worked with big organisations such as the Brisbane Lions and Cricket Australia and her passion is within combat sport. Krista is booked out with professional fighters from across Brisbane and quickly gaining a reputation as the fight games go to for recovery, massage and preparation.

Julian Brady has worked closely with QAFL team Western Magpies in 2020, as well as assisting Jasmine Tripp with the training program for the Developing Youth Netball Academy. Julian works closely with individual sport athletes ranging from Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, athletics, gymnastics and has a passion for dynamic mobility to assist physical athletic preparation.

Renee Martin is our Resistance Sports Dietitian. Renee's work is invaluable to the success of our athletes. Food is fuel for performance and our athletes benefit greatly from Renee's ongoing support and advice. Renee has worked with many of our teams including the Western magpies, our athlete hub members, Mayne Tigers and has had a big involvement in working with Triathletes from across Australia.

Drew Bowman is our Exercise Physiology and return to sport guru. Drew works with a number of individual athletes ranging from rugby league, cricket, athletics, sprinting and AFL. Drew works closely with the Kedron Lions and has helped a number of athletes return to sport after injury

Cameron Crispe is our basketball and strength expert. Cam has worked with basketball and strength athletes from the day he started, he is also a genuine athlete himself playing semi professional basketball for the past few years. Cam has also worked with individual athletes from cricket, athletics and netball to name a few!

Megan Hunter is our incredible Sports Physio. Megan is hands on, amongst the action and willing to get her elbows dirty. Megan has a masters in physiotherapy and has worked as the head Physio for the Western Magpies and North Brisbane Cougars.

Kevin Doan is our in house sports physiotherapists who specialises in ACL and hip injuries for footballers. Kevin made the move from Adelaide to join the RSS team and has been invaluable since. His experience stems from physiotherapy roles in the NPL (national premier league) and SANFL (South Australian National Football League)


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