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The Rehab Hub is back! new and improved

Resistance Sports Science is proud to announce that the successful Rehab program the Rehab Hub is now back!! We have made some significant changes to add greater value to every athlete looking to return to sport post-injury.

The Rehab Hub is now designed to give every participating athlete a holistic team approach to Rehab. Every athlete will have access to a rotating roster of weekly Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and Sports Remedial massage consultations. Led by RSS Senior Physiotherapist Megan Hunter head Physiotherapist for the North Cougars Sapphire and Ruby series and Yeronga Women's AFLW, Megan has extensive knowledge in sports physiotherapy and leading a team of dedicated allied health staff.

Insurance Claimable Injury Rehabilitation Centre Brisbane
Rehab Hub Supervised Programs

All initial assessments will be conducted by Megan or other RSS Physiotherapy staff to gauge the extent of the injury, its level of complexity and to create a detailed roadmap for Rehab success. All initial consultation notes will be shared with our experienced allied health team, ensuring that communication between consultations is clear and concise, meaning the level of care is identical to what is experienced in elite sports organisations.

All Rehab Hub athletes who were injured during sport are eligible to use their sports insurance to cover up to 100% of the fees associated with the Rehab Hub! The level of cover is dependent on your organisation's level of insurance. This can range from 60-100% level of cover and a total of $2500-$7000 total cover for Exercise Rehab consultations! Please note, as soon as you return to play your first game post-injury, this cover will expire and the Rehab Hub will no longer be covered by sports insurance. It is the RSS mission to ensure that every athlete gets back to playing sport as quickly and as safely as possible.

Rehabilitation for sports injuries
Physiotherapy for Knee Rehab

Our practitioners will consistently test and re-test your baseline strength, mobility and injury prevention scores to ensure you are progressing from week to week. Before each athlete returns to sport, they will be required to pass the RSS injury prevention & performance testing protocol. Using scientific research, we can provide every athlete with science-backed analytical data, giving confidence in their return to play. Every athlete that fails the testing protocol will be given another date to perform the test within the future. The Athlete must pass this test before commencing play to decrease the chances of re-injury.

The Athlete Hub entitles all participating athletes with constant supervision. Every athlete will train under allied health guidance through the Athlete Hub timetable. This is run by university-qualified Exercise/Sports Scientists and Exercise physiologists. All initial injuries will be programmed by Physiotherapists and athletes will maintain a weekly booking with their designated therapist. Their physiotherapist will then decide whether an athlete should see a Remedial Therapist or Exercise Physiologist to maximise their results in the program. All consultations will be half an hour each besides the initial Physiotherapy consultation in week one which is a total of 60 minutes.

Programs will be updated by either the designated Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist with in many cases, it being a combined approach. These will be updated regularly to suit the athlete's needs and rehab progression. As each athlete gets closer to returning to sport, the assigned Exercise Physiologist will play a greater role in returning post-injury and will ensure greater emphasis on sports performance programming.

The Rehab Hub is Australia's most extensive private practice return to sport model. All athletes now have unlimited opportunities to ask RSS professional questions with regards to their Rehab, they have daily supervision and our team will ensure you are fit and strong enough to return to sport. If this sounds of interest to you, send us an email to explaining your injury and goals and a friendly team member will reach out to you!

All Rehab Hub consultations will be held at the RSS Enoggera facility in North Brisbane. The Rehab Hub is able to be redeemed through sports insurance claims, DVA, private health and NDIS support! It is open to all individuals who are suffering with long or short term injuries who want supervision, guidance and support through the entirety of the Rehab process.

Enoggera Remedial Massage for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Remedial Therapy Enoggera
ACL Injury Rehabilitation Brisbane physiotherapist
ACL Physiotherapy Testing


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