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The Junior Athlete Hub is LIVE

“If only when I was young, I knew what I know now”. Said every injury prone 20 year old athlete. RSS has worked with hundreds of semi to professional athletes who are on the cusp of furthering their career. We are now very excited to announce that we can offer junior athletes a safe space to learn, train and develop into physical injury free athletes.

The RSS Junior athlete hub will teach young athletes from the age of 11-15 how to lift correctly, move efficiently and above all have fun in the process. Thousands of injuries occur annually across Queensland to teenagers who are not strong enough to handle the loads of sport, school and social activities. Youth athletes are jumping, sprinting and tackling without much knowledge behind what sort of toll it is taking on their body.

Stress fractures, chronic knee pain, plantar fasciitis, tight lower backs. We see it all too often and now we have a chance at minimising these injuries! Across Australia, many athletes are not given the opportunities to excel within their sport because they are sidelined with injuries or they are just not as physically developed as some of the other athletes. We are here to destroy the myth that lifting weights or at least starting body weight movements stunts the growth of adolescents. There is no harm being placed on a teenagers body when they begin resistance training. Did you know sprinting typically creates more stress on a young athletes body than lifting weight does! By learning to lift and control your body, we provide an environment for a young athlete to develop and adapt to a strength stimulus.

We look at strength like the core foundation of an athlete's body. Without strength our muscles, tendons and ligaments cop excessive intolerable load leading to muscle strains, tendinopathies and sprains. Strength gives youth athletes a fighting chance. In the Youth Athlete Hub our athletes will learn how to lift with correct technique and control their body in different situations. They will also learn to activate and strengthen certain muscles they might not even know they have! Our coaches will write each athlete 2x specific strength sessions per week based upon their initial movement screen, they will also have access to 1x learn to lift and 1x combined agility, coordination and balance session. We are proud to deliver QLD’s most specific youth athlete program on the market and give our athletes the best opportunity to succeed as a professional athlete.

The Junior Athlete Hub is live Monday - Friday from 4 - 4:45pm with the timetable on our website! Before you commence, we will book you in with one of our specialist coaches for an initial assessment and your program will be developed from your results. Our junior athletes will be tested every 12 weeks to give indication of improvements and to recalibrate their specific programs.

Junior Athletes, let's get ahead of the competition!


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