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RSS is online!

Yep we have taken the plunge! RSS is proud to announce we can now support Athletes across Australia through our new online training platform led by Accredited Masters of Exercise Science and RSS Performance Coach Brad Lawton. Customised via our elite programming software The Vald Hub, we have left no stone unturned and are committed to providing the Athlete Hub experience, anywhere, anytime.

The Online Athlete Program offers four weeks free to any athletes looking to work with Resistance Sports Science in an online training program.
Online Athlete Program First Four Weeks Free

Transitioning into online programming was always something we hesitated on. Due to the stigmas behind it and the lack of support that is typically provided, at RSS we couldn’t see ourselves moving down the online avenue. Five years on, with technology improving and software becoming more user friendly we are now completely invested in providing the RSS Online service to athletes all over Australia. No longer is traffic, distance, time or location a problem for our athletes. The Online Athlete gives every athlete the opportunity to train from anywhere with completely tailored support, guidance and mentorship from our elite Strength and Rehab coaches.

We are determined to revolutionize how athletes look at online training. Our mission at RSS is to ensure every athlete is given specific programs based on their body, performance testing results, goals and sport they compete in. We have never used template training sessions and we never will. The RSS difference is our ability to cater for every individual, providing program specificity never before seen in the online space.

Want to see the details? Click here to read more about our Online Athlete Program!

To create the most advanced online program on the market we had many questions that needed to be catered for first. These biggest of these included the below questions and our answers to them

1. How do we give enough coaching feedback to make the program valuable for our athletes?

Our Coaches are committed to provide 2x15 minute video calls per month to give athletes enough time to talk programming, technique, progressions, painful/uncomfortable movements and future planning. Each athlete will also be asked to provide video footage of a set list of exercises for coaches to analyse before commencement of their first program. This will be repeated every three months to ensure our coaches stay up to date with your bodies movement and progression.

2. How do we mirror our level of support provided to in person athletes and give it to our online athletes?

We pride ourselves on the team approach we take to every athlete. Every in person athlete that joins the Athlete Hub get complete mentorship, Rehab support and specific programs tailored to their goals and current physical condition. When moving online, we needed to ensure that our online athletes receive the same support. To keep the Online Athlete world class, we confirmed that every athlete who joins the Online Athlete Program will receive free Telehealth appointments with a Rehab professional. This can be used for injury prevention, injury diagnosis, injury insurance claims, referrals and much more!

3. How can our Athletes receive Rehab Support when required?

Each Athlete will have access to 15 Minute monthly appointments with an RSS Rehab professional via our online software Vald Telehab. This software is fantastic for not only program creation and feedback but it also allows video calls between coach and athlete via a simple to use app. Athletes will be able to book Rehab appointments online and the designated practitioner will call them on Vald Telehab!

Online Athletes now have access to the Telehab software. This includes 6000 exercise tutorials, video feedback, movement analysis and live streaming. This is the perfect solution for athletes wanting to train online!
Telehab Online Software

4. How can our athletes send video content of their exercises to their coaches for feedback?

Vald Telehab stepped up for us again. Each athlete will be asked to submit a series of exercises from different angles. Their designated online coach will then watch their testing results, find asymmetrical imbalances and create a program to suit. Athletes can use their 15 minute follow up calls to either showcase technique via video or use it to discuss further programming and goal setting.

With the ability to provide such support to each online athlete, we are confident RSS can now provide an experience unmatched in the online world specifically for athlete training. NO Cut and Paste, NO Cookie cutter programs. Our Online Athlete Program is changing the online training game and we are extremely excited to branch our reach to the rest of Australia!

For more information or to enquire about getting started, just click this link and submit your application! Did we mention you will also get your first four weeks free?! We can’t wait to help you on your training journey.

Four Weeks Free when signing up to the Online Athlete Program. For the best Online training programming and coaching for athletes, the RSS Online Athlete Program is the program that athletes choose
Online Athlete First Four Weeks Free


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