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Exercise Physiology for DVA Participants

The Team at Resistance Sports Science has the pleasure of working with many past and present Defence personnel who have suffered from both mental and physical injuries. As part of the DVA government initiative, our injured Defence force is able to see an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to guide them in their rehab journey. But what are the benefits of Exercise Physiology when compared to Physiotherapy? Often these can be confused as the same profession but the differences in treatment are highly different.

Whilst a Physiotherapist may use manual muscle techniques such as massage, dry needles and soft tissue release, an Exercise Physiologist specialises in Exercise Rehab programming and delivery to strengthen muscle tissue, decrease muscle tension and improve quality of life. Exercise Physiologists are highly trained in Anatomy and Physiology and will work with other Allied Health Professionals to work with a diagnosed health condition or physical injury.

A session with an Exercise physiologist will encompass stretching, mobility, muscle activation, strengthening, fitness, fundamental to advanced rehab exercises. At RSS our Exercise Physiologists take this one step further by introducing performance programming which ensures the DVA participant develops a strong foundation of strength to minimise the risk of further & or re-injury. RSS Exercise Physiologists understand that maintaining a healthy balance of functional strength and aerobic fitness is essential for everyday living. This means that not only will an Exercise Physiologist help Rehab your injury but they will also prove valuable in goal setting, load management and progressive strength training.

DVA Whitecard holders may be eligible to see an Exercise Physiologist up to 12 times per GP consultation, with confirmation of further sessions by the GP. This means that an RSS Exercise Physiologist will see you between 1-3x per week, depending on the injury severity, timeframes, and goals. An Exercise Physiologist will always have further progressions for you. Unlike a Physiotherapist who may ask to see you less regularly, an Exercise Physiologist can guide you weekly for as long as your injury is recovered. They are your mentor, guide and expert in the field of Exercise rehabilitation and will be a huge asset to any recovery.

DVA Gold Card holders have the potential to join the RSS Rehab Hub or see an Exercise Physiologist for one on one consultations from 1-3 times per week without a GP referral. DVA Gold Card holders can utilise an Exercise Physiologist for 12 months unless a further extension is applied. You also may be eligible for a gym membership, Remedial Massage and Chiro on top of regular physio treatments (all of which can be seen at RSS). An Exercise Physiologist will work with all external allied health providers to ensure the goals of the DVA GoldCard Holders are reached. The beauty of Resistance Sports Science is the multimodal approach we take to Rehab. Within our doors, you have access to Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Chiro, Remedial Massage and Sports Science. All of which will work together to get the best results for you and your injuries.

If you are a DVA Whitecard or Gold Card holder who thinks you can benefit from seeing an Exercise Physiologist. We are only a phone call away. Get in touch with our professional team via phone or email. We will ensure you are matched with the perfect practitioner to suit your goals and needs. Alternatively you can click here to book your consultation!


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