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Complete your work cover at rss

Did you know RSS supports Work cover!

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Returning to work doesn't have to be painful

Have you been injured at work and have been prescribed Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology for rehab? RSS works with many Work cover patients with the aim to get back working, moving and exercising as quickly as possible. Our Work cover specialists work within our team to ensure we decrease your recovery time as effectively and safely as possible. We understand that getting back to work is a huge priority for many Work cover patients so the team at RSS works diligently to ensure your chance of re-injury is minimal.

What's the Work Cover Process?

Our team will handle all the paperwork! One of our specialist Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists will call Work cover directly upon their referral. We will inform you of the total Work cover sessions you have been allocated and we will devise a safe and effective plan ongoing. If approved, our Work cover patients will also have access to our Enoggera gym between the hours of 5am and 10:45pm to complete their Work cover rehab program.

Your first Work cover Initial Consultation will consist of an injury screening assessment which is used to devise a specific return to work protocol. Our team has the knowledge and experience to read and comprehend your scans or medical reports which helps generate your Work cover rehab plan. Our initial consultation and subsequent Work cover consultations range between 45-60minutes depending on the severity of the injury. All our allied health staff will ensure you have a set homework plan to keep you busy whilst away from the gym. We understand that for a safe return to work, you need to be active outside of your Work cover designated sessions, meaning each patient will have access to regularly updated exercises, stretches or trigger points to do at home.

Upon completion of your Work cover sessions, we on your behalf will request further rehab sessions if it is required or our team will send through the relevant paperwork confirming your successful Work cover rehab. This upon approval of our Physiotherapy team and your external surgeons or specialists will give you confidence in your return back to work.

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RSS will work with you to safely return to work

Are there any upfront fees?

Resistance does not charge any extra fees for Work cover patients. All fees are covered by Work cover themselves meaning each patient has no out of pocket expenses for either Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology Work cover sessions.

How Do I nominate to complete my Work cover at RSS?

Upon approval of your Work cover claim, inform your nominated Work cover administer that Resistance is your Work cover location of choice. Ensure you call us on 1300 414 317 and our administration team will refer you to the best practitioner for your current injury.


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